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My African Adventure 09

28 July
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Ok, I am a head of music at a large high school in the north west of the UK. I volunteer with the African Children's Choir and this year I am going back to South Africa to work in the Mpumalanga region of the country. Hence the reason for this blog, I'm not a blogger but I figure that this is the easiest way of keeping everyone up-to-date with everytyhing I'm doing out there (and also to keep my mum from worring about my safety!!!).


I am no longer head of music anymore - I quit!!! LOL to go and volunteer as a teacher in Africa full time. I am off sometime in the summer of 09 so will keep you all posted on my adventure through this blog.


I have been accepted onto an international volunteer programme that Harvard runs and I will be going out to Rwanda in December 09 to teach for a year. Stay tuned for more developments.